All-in Common ? Money and Possessions in Early Christianity Online Symposium, October 15, 2021

- vendredi 15 octobre 2021

What did Jesus and his disciples live on ? How did the apostle Paul and his companions finance their missionary activities ? Were the preachers of the first Christian generations paid ? What forms did the material solidarity of the first Christian communities take ?

These are the questions of the online symposium with Dr. Jonathan Cornillon. He is affiliated with the University de Sorbonne (Paris IV) and wrote Tout en commun ? La vie économique de Jésus et des premières générations chrétiennes (Cerf Patrimoines, 2020).

After an introduction by Dr. Jonathan Cornillon, Dr. Bart Koet (Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature, Tilburg School of Catholic Theology) and Augustine scholar Dr. Paul van Geest (Professor of Church History Tilburg School of Catholic Theology) will give their reactions.

The economic life of the first Christian communities, from the preaching of Jesus until the end of the third century, was deeply connected with an ethical and solidary approach to poverty.
Nevertheless, from the preaching of Jesus onwards, there was an ambitious financing of proclamation and church life. The aim was to use resources efficiently, even if there were abuses or a lack of financial insight. Important was and remained the ideal that property was not only private but always communal. The memory of the preaching of Jesus and the practice of the first community in Jerusalem gave Christians an ambitious morality to put into practice.

15:00 Welcome and introduction by Prof. Dr. Bart Koet 15:10 Introduction by Dr. Jonathan Cornillon
15:40 Reaction by Prof. Dr. Bart Koet
15:55 Reaction by Prof. Dr. Paul van Geest
16:10 Opportunity for questions and discussion 16.30 Closure
Practical information
The official language is English. Questions can be asked in Dutch and French via the zoom chat function.
When : 15 October 2021, 15.00-16.30 hrs (3-4.30 PM, GMT +2).
Location : via zoom
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