51st Seminar for Arabian Studies 2017

du 4 au 6 aout 2017
BP Lecture Theatre, Clore Centre, British Museum

Avec les interventions de :

  • Guillaume Charloux et al.: Living in Madain Salih-Hegra during Antiquity. Results from the Excavations of Area 1 in the Ancient City
  • Romolo Loreto : 2009-2016 excavation seasons in the historical core of Dūmat al-Jandal, ancient Adummatu
  • Jérôme Norris & Guillaume Charloux : The Ancient North Arabian inscriptions from the Dūmat al-Jandal area (Saudi Arabia) and their archaeological context
  • Alessia Prioletta : New research on the Thamudic graffiti from the region of Ḥimā (Najrān, Saudi Arabia)
  • Christian Robin : Who wrote the South Arabian and Thamudic inscriptions of Ḥimà (Southern Saudi Arabia)?
  • Laïla Nehmé : The script of the Nabataeo-Arabic inscriptions from northwest and south Arabia: a re-examination based on new evidence

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