Behind the Scenes of the Old Testament

Edité par Jonathan S. Greer, John W. Hilber ad John H. Walton
Novembre 2018, Editions Baker Academic
640 pages
ISBN 9780801097751

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Introduction Jonathan S. Greer, John W. Hilber, and John H. Walton

Part One: Elements of the Drama

I. The Stage: Historical Geography
1. Introduction to Historical Geography – Paul H. Wright
2. Regions and Routes in the Levant – Carl G. Rasmussen
3. Climate and Environment of the Levant – Elizabeth Arnold
4. Plants and Animals of the Land of Israel – Daniel Fuks and Nimrod Marom

II. The Sets and Props: Archaeology
5. Introduction to Biblical Archaeology – Seymour Gitin
6. Archaeology of the Late Bronze Age – Joe Uziel
7. Archaeology of the Iron Age I – Aren M. Maeir
8. Archaeology of the Iron Age II – Amihai Mazar
9. Archaeology of the Neo-Babylonian and Persian Periods – Constance E. C. Gane
10. Archaeology of the Hellenistic Period – Jordan Ryan

III. The Scripts: Ancient Near Eastern Literature
11. Introduction to Ancient Near Eastern Literature – Adam E. Miglio
12. Hebrew Inscriptions – Judith M. Hadley
13. Mesopotamian Literature – Dave C. Deuel
14. Egyptian Literature – Nili Shupak
15. Hittite Literature – Alice Mouton
16. Northwest Semitic Inscriptions – Margaret E. Cohen
17. Ugaritic Literature – William D. Barker
18. Early Jewish Literature – Ryan Stokes

IV. The Frames: Ancient Near Eastern Iconography
19. Introduction to Ancient Near Eastern Iconography – Izak Cornelius
20. Egyptian Iconography – Laura Wright
21. Mesopotamian and Anatolian Iconography – Daniel Bodi
22. Canaanite/Israelite Iconography – Brent A. Strawn

Part Two: Acts and Scenes of the Drama

V. Acts: Integrated Approaches to Broad Historical Contexts
23. The Ancestral Period – Richard S. Hess
24. The Egyptian Sojourn and the Exodus – David A. Falk
25. The Settlement Period – Pekka Pitkänen
26. The United Monarchy – Steven M. Ortiz
27. The Divided Monarchy: Israel – Jens Bruun Kofoed
28. The Divided Monarchy: Judah – Eric L. Welch
29. The Exile and the Exilic Communities – Deirdre N. Fulton
30. Persian Period Yehud – Kenneth A. Ristau
31. The Maccabean Revolt and the Hasmonean Kingdom – Joel Willitts

VI. Scenes: Integrated Approaches to Event-Based Historical Contexts
32. Akhenaten and the Amarna Period – Mark D. Janzen
33. The Late Bronze Age Collapse and the Sea Peoples’ Migrations – Gregory D. Mumford
34. Sheshonq’s Levantine Conquest and Biblical History – Yigal Levin
35. The Battle of Qarqar and Assyrian Aspirations – Mark W. Chavalas
36. The Mesha Inscription and Relations with Moab and Edom – Juan Manuel Tebes
37. The Tell Dan Inscription, Jehu’s Revolt, and Aramaean Campaigns in Israel and Judah – K. Lawson Younger Jr.
38. Sennacherib’s Invasion of Judah and Neo-Assyrian Expansion – Kyle H. Keimer
39. Eighth-Century Levantine Earthquakes and Natural Disasters – Ryan N. Roberts
40. The Battle of Carchemish and Seventh-Century Regional Politics – Sara L. Hoffman
41. Alexander the Great and Levantine Hellenism – D. Brent Sandy

Part Three: Themes of the Drama

VII. God: Integrated Approaches to Themes in Israelite Religion
42. Monotheism in Ancient Israel – Matthew J. Lynch
43. Biblical Texts Studied in Comparison with Other Ancient Near Eastern Documents – John H. Walton
44. The Temple in Context – John H. Walton
45. Priests in the Ancient Near East – Gerald Klingbeil
46. Worship, Sacrifice, and Festivals in the Ancient Near East – Roy E. Gane
47. Family Religion in Ancient Israel – Andrew R. Davis
48. Prophecy, Divination, and Magic in the Ancient Near East – John W. Hilber
49. Death and Burial in the Iron Age Levant – Christopher B. Hays

VIII. Family: Integrated Approaches to Themes in Family Networks
50. Tribes and Nomads in the Iron Age Levant – Thomas D. Petter
51. Women in Ancient Israel – Carol Meyers
52. Family, Children, and Inheritance in the Biblical World – Victor H. Matthews

IX. Sustenance: Integrated Approaches to Themes in Economic Contexts
53. Seasons, Crops, and Water in the Land of the Bible – Oded Borowski
54. Trade in the Late Bronze and Iron Age Levant – Joshua T. Walton
55. Slavery in the World of the Bible – Richard E. Averbeck
56. The Local Economies of Ancient Israel – Peter Altmann
57. Metallurgy in the World of the Bible – Brady Liss and Thomas E. Levy
58. Ancient Technologies of Everyday Life – Gloria London
59. Food Preparation in the Iron Age Levant – Cynthia Shafer-Elliott
60. Feasting in the Biblical World – Janling Fu
61. Music and Dance in the World of the Bible – Annie F. Caubet

X. Governance: Integrated Approaches to Themes in Social Organization
62. Kingship and the State in Ancient Israel – Nili S. Fox
63. Social Stratification in the Iron Age Levant – Avraham Faust
64. Law and Legal Systems in Ancient Israel – David W. Baker
65. Wisdom Traditions in Ancient Israel – Paul Overland
66. Warfare in the World of the Bible – Mark Schwartz