Ecclesiology and Politics between East and West (Tuesday 25th April 2017)

Marie-Hélène Blanchet (UMR 8167 CNRS – Collège de France): From antiunionism to antithomism: Byzantine anti-Latin polemics confronted to Western scholastics in the 14th century

Frédéric Gabriel (ENS de Lyon): Church Unity as a Fiction

Laurent Tatarenko (CERCEC – EHESS): Institutional cultures and administrative knowledge in the Eastern clergies of the post-Tridentine period: the case of the Uniate and Orthodox Churches in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Vera Tchentsova (MFO): Muscovite archival documents for the history of the Early Modern Orthodox Church

Maison française d’Oxford (Tuesday 25th April 2017)

Programme: ecclesiology.pdf