Multidisciplinary symposium on ancient wines

24 mai 2018 de 9h30 à 16h30
Sorbonne Université, Salle des actes, Paris
Inscriptions :

This multidisciplinary scientific conference aims at discussing about archaeological evidences of wine (iconography, texts, ceramics and organic remains), the ancient wine culture (religious uses, production, transport and consumption, etc.), and the application of new technologies and analytical methods to the study of ancient wines for knowledge advance. Moreover, wine making through production methods used by our ancestors, for instance wine in amphorae, which permit to obtain a more natural high-quality wine very appreciated by the modern wine consumers, will be also discussed.
The area and historical periods analysed in this symposium integrate ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean region. Ancient practices of winemaking and differences across the ancient Mediterranean compared to the modern wines.
A final debate about current research studies, state of the question and future perspectives will be presented.

Organisé avec le concours de Sorbonne Université et du projet EGYWINE

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