Concepts of the Female Body in Mesopotamian Medical Texts

- Jeudi 26 octobre 2017 de 16h à 18h
Conference et video conference d’Ulrike Steinert, Berlin University
Sur place au CNRS d’Ivry sur Seine, 27 rue Paul Bert, métro Porte de Choisy/Porte d’Ivry, salle C en sous-sol
ou à distance par vidéo-conférence

This talk outlines the concepts associated with the female body in gynaecological texts from 2nd and 1st millennium BCE Mesopotamia, concentrating on ideas about anatomy and the physiology of sexual reproduction marked by conception, gestation and birth. I will show that the Mesopotamian texts employ a systematic set of interrelated metaphors, some of which are very common cross-culturally and are grounded in basic conceptual metaphors. The survey shows that the female body is represented as a productive body and that reproduction is seen in analogy to craft production and to processes in agriculture and animal husbandry (including water management and irrigation). Thus, in Mesopotamian medicine, the female body, its fertility and physiology are interpreted and regulated according to the experiences and practices of human-environment interaction, employing a model of the body which can be termed “the body technologic”.

Cette conférence est la 12ème séance mensuelle du séminaire interdisciplinaire :
“The Individual and his Body in the Ancient Mediterranean Basin” organisé par Alice Mouton.

Conférence gratuite et ouverte à tous sur inscription à l’adresse suivante :

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