Writing Performances – Symbolic representations of writing’s power

Organized by:
the Institut français d’archéologie orientale (Ifao), Orient et Méditerranée – UMR 8167 and the Institut Français de Proche-Orient (IFPO), this conference is intended to question and advance our understanding of the specificity of writing, as symbol, as pragmatic tool and as social instrument, moving beyond the traditional auxiliary view of writing, which reduces it to a system of encoded linguistic signs.
The conference will be held at the Institut français d’archéologie orientale (Ifao) in Cairo, 20-22 June 2023, and will bring together historians and specialists in written cultures from the world, including contemporary writing and the digital humanities.

Provisional Programme : Writing Performances. Symbolic representations of writing’s power.

The conference is open to attendance. In order to attend the conference sessions at the Ifao in Cairo, please register by filling this form (Link to registration for attendance form).

Remote attendance is also available. If you wish to attend remotely, please fill the Remote Attendance inscription form here.